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2023's hotspots and their future

January 2n, 2023

For my psychic analyses and predictions of the coming 12+ months, I focused on global hotspots and topics which were asked by readers of my articles or audience of my videos.

The topics are not listed in chronological order.

China vs. Taiwan

See my publication of December 2, 2022.


Since the war in Syria started, I have been asked repeatedly about the future of a Kurdistan. I never prioritized the issue until today, because I saw it as too insignificant. Unfortunately for the Kurds, I do not see this very different today.

Iran and Bolivia

Interestingly, both countries are experiencing similar geopolitical developments. In both countries, a minority (Iran: youth, women; Bolivia: the east of the country) is fighting against their national government. Iran and Bolivia are in the same geopolitical alliance consisting of China, Russia, Venezuela, Cuba, Guatemala, Iran, and Bolivia. The governments represent this alliance, and the rising minorities represent a pro-Western attitude. Thus, the basic situation in both countries is almost identical.

The China vs. American war for supremacy is reflected in various proxy wars.

Both governments will succeed in surviving these crises without major losses.

My latest prediction on the situation in Iran of October 14, 2022

Previous publications on the situation in Bolivia:


The country will succeed in building a government. This will change the political power balance. An "unholy" alliance will come into being. Liberal currents will come under pressure.


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu can look forward good months of govern. The military wing will be able to exert more and more political influence over the next few years.

On a personal / family side, Netanyahu is awaiting a difficult time.


In my many video publications of Blick hinter Raum&Zeit you can find many forecasts for the coming years.

War in Ukraine

The fronts will remain hardened for the first three quarters of the year.

Around the middle of the year, cohesion in the Ukrainian government crumbles.

In September/October, there will be an easing of tensions and negotiations.

At the end of the year, there will be no real winner in the classical sense; neither side will back down.

Even if the war can be eased, there is no end in sight to the conflict.

Past publication about the war in Ukraine


Putin's position will remain stable this year, his throne will not falter. Economically, the country will continue to succeed in realigning its position.


I continue to see XRP on a good course and maintain my statement of the last few years that XRP will come away with a settlement or compromise in the SEC vs. Ripple proceedings.

Economy Europe

The troubles will continue to drag on. More value will be pulled out of Europe that will be added to it. I see for Europe the image of a house whose well-heeled and analyzing occupants are carefully and quietly withdrawing their values from the house, while the mediocre fellow occupant behaves as usual and hopes that the homeowners and administration will solve all the problems.


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