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The Donald Trump saga

December 20, 2021

A few weeks ago, public Washington was rocked by another political scandal. After it became known that Trump and his closest entourage were planning a post-election coup and that storming the Capitol was part of the plan, many politicians and journalists reacted in shock! A coup d'état in the most powerful democracy in the world!

For me as a psychic consultant, the attempted coup was not news. Sooner or later, what had been planned behind closed doors even before the last U.S. elections had to become public knowledge. The planning, developments and implementations before, during and after the elections were a political thriller with a lot of explosives.

It is important to know that nothing in politics happens by chance. Every event is carefully planned and then implemented. Whether successful or not is, of course, another matter. The attempted coup in Washington DC was no different.

My work repeatedly allows me deep insights into world events that are not visible to the normal eye. For understandable reasons, I never publish everything I know or am working on. This could be compared to the description of a theatre play. While I am backstage observing, working with and talking to people, I see what can be published and what aspects of the preparations must not be mentioned. Sometimes I take the liberty of writing cryptically. The alert reader may guess what I might have meant and I don't have to worry about getting into danger myself. It is often a tightrope walk: What may be said, what not? What may the audience of the play (the general public) know and what not?

For me, the past U.S. election in November 2020 was a most exciting political thriller and as we can see, it is far from over....

On July 6, 2020, I published the following on the elections, among other things:

"This year's presidential election will go down in history. Not because of its outcome, but because of the dynamics and direction the election will take.

History is not being written at the moment, it is being set to take its course. The current US administration will be able to continue to implement its visions. Gullibility gives way to calculation and strength triumphs over naivety.

We live in very interesting times, democracy as we knew it, is dying."

I did not expect it to be publicly known that a coup was planned. It should now be better understood, thanks to recent developments, what I meant by the dynamic in my June 6 release and why these elections would make history. Neither the storming of the Capitol nor the other acts to stay in power happened by accident. They were planned to advance in the desired direction.

Less than two weeks later, on July 18, 2020, I published “This year's elections in the USA will not be held as usual. The current leading party will succeed in arranging the situation in such a way that the electoral process will be muddled up.”

It needs no further explanation what I meant by that. The election process in the USA was shaken up like never before, until the beginning of January almost all doors were still open!

On September 10, two months before the elections, I published the following prediction:

“The ongoing events leave room for many more actions that are not in the script of normal elections. This brings us to another point of my statements of the upcoming elections. I published, that the current administration will succeed in influencing the situation in such a way that the election process will be different than usual.

The USA is facing profound changes that are very difficult for the normal observer to imagine and/or understand. At the end, it’s all about geopolitics! Later on, I will write a new article about it.

Finally, another psychic observation. What is happening in the USA right now is the course of not just one script around the election, but two scripts. They are very contrary to each other in their course and outcome. Psychically, this is highly interesting! Not only by observing what is happening in front of the curtain, but mainly the developments behind the scenes.”

The analytical reader may now better understand my statements of that time as a result of the planned coup becoming known. There are predictions that are intended for the general public and those that are addressed to a narrower circle. Cryptic texts, the encoding of individual statements, belongs to the art of the publication of prophecies.

From January 8, it was clear that the game was lost. Trump was dropped and betrayed by his own companions. A big role in this was played by the then vice president Mike Pence. On May 16, 2020, I published about him:

“US Vice President Mike Pence will emerge from the background and step strongly into the foreground. His almost ghostly presence will be swept away by a strong and powerful appearance and he will be perceived as a strong man.”

His actions were strongly responsible for the fact that the coup could not be carried out as planned.

I was probably one of the first authors to write that the events were a planned coup. Among other things, I published the following on this subject in February 2021:

“2020 elections without any doubt made history. The dynamic and direction the election toke will be remembered forever!

A very careful planned Coup failed, because of traitors who the days after New Year’s Eve changed side, in order not to lose their political position.”

Of course, Pence was not the only "traitor." There were others in Trump's immediate circle who prevented the planned coup. But he was crucial by not giving his support.

Had the coup been implemented, we would have undoubtedly faced very exciting times. It was not to be, the time was not right. Not yet.

On July 6, 2020, I wrote as well:

“We live in very interesting times, democracy as we knew it, is dying.”

The wolves do not sleep. The failed coup was an attempt and will not be the last. Already run further planning with other politicians, similar investors and the same goals.

The dramaturgy is continued, behind closed doors further plans are forged. For me this means to dive again into the deep realms of geopolitical developments.

The saga continues...


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