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Second open letter to President Donald Trump, with warning

November 7, 2018

Dear Mr. President Donald Trump

I hope my letter finds you well.

Two years ago, January 20, 2017, I wrote my first open letter to you.

At that time, I told you about my predictions of your victory for the presidential elections which I foresaw long before the election day.

Beginning of January 2017, I published a forecast for your presidency. My predictions are giving a very clear direction of your time in office. After the prevision to your presidency I published the outcomes of my visions online.

Until today, all mayor steps of your presidency have been correctly foretold by me. Even the controversial nomination of judge Kavanaugh and the outcome of the midterm elections I have intuitively foreseen and published.

Going through my predictions you will realize that the last vision I published in my prognosis for your presidency is still open. In these visions, I have seen the same images for you which I already intuited for president Gaddhafi and the king of Thailand: I foresaw their demise.

Both of those visions have been published in advance, before they left their body.

Like I already wrote you in my fist letter, in some cases, visions can’t be changed - in your case however, I feel that this forecast can be changed. Future is not always written in stone.

After almost all of my predictions for your presidency already manifested, I still hope the last one can be prevented!

I am more than open to offer my help, trying to prevent such an event. Sometimes, with good faith, destiny can be changed.


Martin Zoller


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