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South Africa, the dark shadows covering the continent and its impact for Europe

16. Juli, 2021

On December 30th, 2019, I published my psychic forecasts for South Africa:

“The government will lose power, either by losing the majority of power or by the coalition falling apart. The military complex is preparing to take control. Most probably not directly and openly but indirectly by gaining more and more influence. Either this year or in the coming, South Africa will experience something like a coup d’état.”

As I repeatedly emphasized in my publications, the interpretation of visions is not always easy to define. The same was the case of the situation with South Africa. 

The visions I had showed a political conflict, something like a breakup. After that I had images of a lot of the military and police in the streets and in front of important buildings. I interpreted those visions as a separation of political coalitions and the military seizing power.

It is now evident that the political conflict is not due to the collapse of a coalition, but the conflict between the current government under Ramaphosa and political supporters of the former President Jacob Zuma. 

After days of riots  and looting with many people getting killed, the Government deployed 25’000 troops and for the first time in decades, reservists on the streets. Their mission is to protect airports and important buildings. If proclaimed a state of emergency, it would involve an even greater involvement of armed forces. 


South Africa / Africa and its future for the coming years: 


 South Africa: 

The power struggle will get worse. Behind the scene the conflict will get more complicated. In the long run, the separation of armed forces such as police, military and militias will get more accentuated which results in an even more dangerous situation. 

In the forthcoming future (open time window), the instability will affect important other cities as well. The conflict will be brought to places such as Johannesburg and Cape Town.  

The government will be asking for help from abroad but their plea will be refused. 

The country has nowhere near overcome its worst moments yet and the next years will become even more challenging. In the long run, SA will run into huge economic and political problems, even a social collapse is on the horizon. 


Africa in general: 

There can be no doubt for me: The conflict and instability in South Africa is the first bad sign  for the continent. Huge and very dangerous problems are awaiting it.  

Geopolitical threats posed by internal conflicts in South Africa but also other countries, the food chains being interrupted and the looming danger of  additional corona waves are underestimated by the world and especially by Europe. 

“A bloody wave from Africa is reaching Europe. The biggest danger is not coming from Russia or the Middle East, but from Africa.” 

Europe must be careful not to be overrun in the next years. The last 70 years of peace and harmony put the Europeans in a naive deep sleep.  

I cannot repeat it enough: Times of relaxed harmony are over. It would be a good moment to look a little more critically at the current developments and not hope that everything will work itself out ... until it is definitely too late. 


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