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The Wailing Wall in Jerusalem: Gate to a major conflict!

August 3, 2018

Around seven months ago and after my first two dreams about Israel (US embassy move from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and the future of Israel between March and May 2018) I had a third dream.

When waking up I knew I had to wait with the publication of this dream until the first two dreams manifested. The night after the third dream I published a code, which indicates the third dream. In the dream I was told that this third dream was the last one of a trilogy of dreams with prophecies for Israel. I was also told that the third dream will manifest as much as the first two did...

Decoding the code I published in Facebook around end of December 2017 you read: BLANCO (Spanish for "target") RICHTUNG (German for "direction") and the numbers above next to N and E (Longitude and latitude of the Wailing Wall in the Holy City.

In my dream I witnessed a major attack against the Wailing Wall. The attack was on the Israeli site of the wall. There was lots of noise, panic, people died.

In the dream I was told that before this attack I will see signs, indicating the attack is getting closer. The signs will be unrests and religious tensions on both sides around the wall.

Yesterday night I read in the News that in the last months a record number of settlers entered the al-Aqsa mosque.

I felt and knew immediately that this is one of the signs I was told about.

In my dream I did not see an exact time window of the attack but I was told that because of this attack, a major, bloody conflict will start. There will be many deaths on both sides. It will be the beginning of something like the "Endkampf" for Jerusalem.

In the dream I was told that if the political leaders of the region are not careful, this conflict will unleash a major war with an uncountable number of deaths not only in the Middle East.


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