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Updating presidential elections in Bolivia (and its economic future)

December 16. 2020

January 13, 2019, I published my predictions for the upcoming presidential elections in Bolivia. These took place October 20, 2019. After the elections, enormous unrests in the whole country forced Evo Morales and his government to resign. It was time for Evo Morales to say goodbye and to leave the country. His influence and power (for now) came to an end.

October 18, 2020 new elections were held. The socialists won by a large majority.

As always with my predictions, after the situation manifested, I make an analysis to see what has happened and what has not.

In general, the direction of my predictions is correct:

- After more than a decade with a united destiny between Evo Morales and the MAS party, this is now over. The MAS party and Evo went separate ways.

- The problems before and during the elections at the end of 2019 were also the internal disagreement of the party. This weakened it enormously.

- Problems came after the (2019) elections.

- The party remains in power.

- Evo Morale's political destiny has passed its peak.

As predicted, the party is still in power, Evo went a different direction.

Because of my predictions of January 2019, during the unrests in October and November 2019 and last October's elections, I always knew that the socialists would return to power. It was their destiny.

I think that for most Bolivians is might be of great interest what I predicted in my January 13, 2019 publication about the country's economic future:

"The country's political and economic development will be stable in the coming years. The country does not have the same destiny like Venezuela. In general, the level will remain quite firm."

In other words, the country will recover economically and can look ahead with good hope!


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